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Why does it cost so much?

When creating a workout program, the time involved is more than the one hour spent engaging in the exercise. Additional time is spent developing a program where in which you and your families needs are considered to create an individualized plan. We also use a variety of behavioral methods not used with other personal trainers, such as precision teaching, ACT, and behavioral strategies.

Typical behavior therapy when paid through insurance can cost upwards of $150. I will be happy to provide an invoice to present to your insurance as occasionally, they will pay for these services.


What makes your services different from others?

Having a background in behavior science enables me to better understand the steps that are necessary to create behavior change. Creating a new lifestyle is difficult and having an individual who understands that small victories are where the real change occurs, gives my clients a step up. Working with individuals with special needs for the previous 8 years I understand that long lasting behavior change requires family involvement. I work closely with the family to build sustainable changes that benefit the family as a whole.

Do you provide refunds?

Whether one hour or full packages are purchased, no refunds are given. In order to make change, one has to be fully invested. When signing up for my services, I believe commitment is key. I will work closely with you to ensure that the services provided are most beneficial for your health and will make any necessary changes to accomplish your goals.

My child has limited mobility, are you able to work with them as well?

Yes! All 1:1 services are programmed individually, taking into account any limitations that may be present.

Where are you located?

I live in Hampton, Virginia between Virginia Beach and Williamsburg. I provide in person services if within 30 minutes of where I live, additional charge if outside the 30 minutes. I also provide services virtually, coming to you wherever you may be!

What ages do you work with?

I work with all ages! Fitness and nutrition are lifelong skills, all individuals can benefit. Please note, that if nutrition is a focal point parents or legal guardians must be involved throughout the process of the client is not living independently.

Do you work with just parents or children as well?

I provide programs for adults and children. If you are interested in your child engaging in increased activity, I will create a program for them based on their needs and limitations.  If the individual I am programming for is under the age of 18 or dependent upon a guardian, the guardian will be responsible for assisting with the behavior change as needed. The assistance will be clearly defined through behavioral contract, one for the child and one for the guardian.

I would like my child to receive these services as well as myself, do you offer a discount?

Yes, for additional family members we offer a 30% discount on all services.

What is needed to engage in services?

If receiving services virtually:

  • An internet connection
  • Zoom
  • An email address
  • Basic equipment such as light weights. Will suggest additional items if needed.

If services provided in person:

  • I will bring the necessary items to you!

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